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The Pacific JITC Biotechnology Hui

The Pacific Joint Information Technology Center (JITC) is a subordinate organization under the Military Health System (MHS) Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Its mission is rapid prototyping and deployment of Warfighter- specific health information systems. Its organizational mission is:

“To rapidly research, test and develop Warfighter medical solutions and products, through pilot programs or prototypes, that provide mission-critical value and actionable information to the DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).”

Under Pacific JITC, the Pacific JITC Biotechnology Hui continues its support of biomedical research and technology projects and joint VA/DoD Interoperability.

WARNING! This is a Department of Defense (DoD) interest computer system. All DoD computer systems are subject to monitoring at all times to ensure proper functioning of equipment and systems, including security devices, to prevent unauthorized use and violations of statutes and security regulations, to deter criminal activity, and for other similar purposes. If monitoring of this or any other DoD computer system reveals possible evidence of violation of criminal statutes, this evidence and any other related information, including identification information about the user may be provided to law enforcement officials.